Sunshine Calls

One of the most helpful services of THE UPPER ROOM CRISIS HOTLINE is to befriend the elderly priests, deacons, and men religious who either live alone or in small groups, retired from active ministry, isolated from their peers, or who are dealing with health issues. These reassurance calls are available upon request. A daily call is made, at a time of their choice, 365 days a year, to check on their safety and well being. It also provides a listening, caring friend to brighten their day.

The Line will request and have on hand the names of their doctors, their superiors or closest religious contact, and the names of family members to contact in case of an emergency. This service has saved lives in the past and has sent medical assistance necessary to help the person who has fallen or become ill and could not reach out for help.

The Sunshine Service offers:

For further information or to register for this service, contact the Administrative Office during business hours: 1-815-727-4367 or phone the toll-free TURCH hotline at any time: 1-888-808-8724.

Click here for the Sunshine Service brochure (Adobe PDF)