THE UPPER ROOM CRISIS HOTLINE derives its name from the “Upper Room” in Jerusalem, traditionally held to be site of The Last Supper (Matthew 26: 18; Mark 14:15; Luke 22: 12). Many sacred events took place in the Upper Room from the “Washing of the Feet” to the day of “Pentecost.”It was the usual place where the Apostles stayed when they were in Jerusalem; a place where the disciples gather for prayer, reflection, and mutual support (Acts 1:13-14).

Inspired by Jesus’ love and mutual support of the apostles and his disciples, it is fitting then, that The Upper Room Crisis Hotline be a place where brothers and sisters can meet to exchange confidences, to pray, and to mutually support one another in their daily ministry.

Being a support site providing referral services nationally through a trained network of volunteers, TURCH aims to assist Roman Catholic priests, deacons, and men religious in challenging life situations.

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